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The place for Soups or Salads, Noodles or Rice.

We have a complete array of your cravings that are duly made using fresh ingredients whether it’s veggies or any kind of meat. Our food is prepared 100% free of any preservatives.

Our Specialties

The Chinese Pavilion

Slurp down all different variants of noodles that will give you the Chinese feel.


What’s the worst that could happen? Fall in love with it? Sure, we can accommodate that.

Fortune Cookie

Get food, rich with flavours from China all prepared without any taste enhancers or food colors.

Special Items


A modern cookhouse that inspires to create magical culinary creatives.


Our headliner is our artificial colors and enhancers free fresh and tasty food.


We believe in creating a space that attracts comfort. Our interiors are soothing, just like our food.

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